1. New and innovative design for play-set, completely changed the way play sets are designed and build today. Designs have combination of Tree-House + play-set + Sacred Symbols from different religions, i.e. Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Jewish.

2. Imparts message and teaches children about sacred symbols used in different religion. Teacher can use play-sets to teach about sacred-symbols and their messages.


Hinduism sees god in each and every thing. Specially honors, respects, worships (pays homage) to things, which are necessary for existence of life. Hindus  respect and worship to Air, Water, Sun, Plants, Trees and Animals.  Co-Existence of plants, animals is necessary for balance or ecology. As depicted in play-sets SheshNaag, and Lord Ganesh represent intellect and knowledge.

For example Lord Ganesha is well know deity, though worshiped and symbolised in every important occasion of Hindus is popular all over world. Elephant head over human body has been depicted in several hundred forms and figures. This deity has caught the curiosity of people from all over the world, due to its unique form and thousands of stories associated with it. There is very logical and educative interpretation of its form which gives inspirational message. We have come up with new design for play-fields inspired from Ganesha form, which can be used in temples schools etc. Below is Ganesha meaning and our play-set design.

Likewise we can interpret inspirational and educative meanings from different sacred symbols of religions which we have used in play-sets. has designs of all the play-sets. These meaning can be depicted somewhere in the play-set, hence we encourage children to play and inspire together.

Using innovative design we have sacred symbols with play-sets, which makes it whole lot easier to teach children values and messages in revered signs used in religions.


Cross Meaning: Christianity  Conveys message of universal love, non-violence and forgiveness. Jesus Christ after crucified and being tortured never had hatred, anger or animosity towards those committing the crime. And this message is deeply embedded in the symbol Cross. 


Sikhism revered/sacred symbols are source of inspiration and identity  through their life.  Symbols as given by last Guru Shri Govind Singh conveys supreme sacrifice by Guru's disciples.  These sacred symbols are the message/memory for the supreme sacrifice for the sake of humanity and freedom on one call by their Guru. The Five Ks are five Articles of Faith that Khalsa Sikhs wear at all times at the command of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh who so ordered at the Vaisakhi Amrit Sanskar in 1699. The Five Ks are not just symbols but Articles of Faith that collectively form the external identity and the Khalsa devotee's commitment to the Sikh rehni "Sikh way of life".


TreeHouse playset  depicting beautiful Islam architecture with hands  as kept during prayer. New moon is auspicious symbol in Islam. Islam shows equality for all and all are children of one God, by praying together at one place; rich or poor; mighty or weak.


The Dharmachakra symbol is represented as a chariot wheel (Sanskrit cakram) with eight or more spokes. It is one of the oldest known Buddhist symbols found in Indian art, appearing with the first surviving post-Harappan Indian iconography in the time of the Buddhist king Aśoka. The Dharmacakra has been used by all Buddhist nations as a symbol ever since.
Its overall shape is that of a circle (cakra), representing the perfection of the dharma teaching

  • The hub stands for discipline, which is the essential core of meditation practice
  • The rim, which holds the spokes, refers to mindfulness or samādhi which holds everything together
  • Each spoke represents the Noble Eightfold Path including


Jainism teaches and spreads message of non-violence and universal love by hand and wheel in between.  The hand with a wheel on the palm symbolizes the Jain Vow of Ahimsa, meaning non-violence. In the middle word "Ahimsa" is written. The wheel represents the dharmacakra, to halt the cycle of reincarnation through the pursuit of truth.
Swastika - Signifies peace and well-being:  we used swastika on for the railings.


Sheshnag believed to be supporting our mother earth and is incarnated on earth as Shri Lakshman ji.  Here we have brought Shri SheshNag in play field, where children will rest/play on his mighty body. In Hindu scriptures Lord Vishnu is shown resting on SheshNag in deep, deep under sea.  Children are believed to be Ishwar’s representation on earth. We rightly put Shri SheshNag on Play –Field.