I have always had a fascination for tree-houses since my childhood and building one was a dream. While driving through forests / national parks, I would often spot gigantic trees such as the Ficus and sequoia trees, having located one; I'd imagine placing my illusionary tree-house somewhere in the middle. I had to soon realize that in order build a tree-house in my yard on a gigantic tree, I would either have to inherit an old estate to find a tree of that proportion or prolong my life span by 150 odd years; I would then plant a tree, nurture it for 100 years and when it grows to the desired girth, the tree-house would be then, built up it!

My illusions had to be shackled and now it was time for some research. A considerable amount of time was spent in libraries and on architecture forums. In the first stage I concluded that I'd need a professional team to build the tree-house but the quest to obtain a strong mature tree remained an everlasting one… After gathering information from various sources, I was able to design a tree-house that could be assembled by using a cantilever truss. This was finally the closest answer to my tree-house! There would be no need for a 200year old tree and I could build a tree-house at a desired spot. In order to build a tree house, the important challenges faced are:

Our particular design for a tree-house comprises a patented cantilever truss assembly system, once the tree-house has been assembled, a desired tree or vine may be grown at its base to conceal the supporting steel-channel/beams. With the passage of time the planted tree may be trained around the tree-house there by adding to the owner's aesthetic sense.


Kerwa Tree House